Standalone Ionizers- Make-4, Plates Numbers From Ranging 3 To 11, PH Ranging From 2.5 To 11.0, ORP Ranging From -300 To -800 mV

(Water Purifier + Ionizer)

A Combination Of Drinking Water Ionizers and Purifiers- 4-makes, Number Of Plates- Ranging from 3 To 11, PH Ranging From 2.5 To 11.0, ORP Ranging From -300 To -1200 mV


Purifiers- Only Alkaline, Choice Of 4 Makes, Models Alkalinity Ranging From 7.0 To 8.0 PH (Mild Alkaline)


Equus Enterprises LLP (EQUUS) is a professional multi-product marketing organization committed to offer products of global standards sourced from internationally reputed companies, for the India market.

Aligned to this business policy, is began its operations in 2016 with introduction of ‘Insinkerator’ of Food Waste Disposers (FWD), the world’s largest selling brand of FWD, manufactured and supplied by Emerson Group, USA, a Fortune 500 Company. It followed with another USA product of well-know Pure Pro Water Purifiers. Equus was one of the first companies to Introduce 8-stage water Purifiers in India giving Antioxidant Alkaline and lonised water. Against all established brands in India market, Equus pioneered with purifiers giving only Alkaline Antioxidant water which is essential for health of Indian people, A step further, it introduced Ionizers of latest quality producing perfectly healthy water with great therapeutic value of the ailing population.

Yet another potential area where Equus found a huge gap was 3-in-1 Facets. A commonly used item, but missing in word class range. Equus fulfilled this gap by bringing in some of the finest Faucets collected from the top manufactures in the world. Hot Water Dispensers (HWD) have also been added to go to conjunction with 3-in-1 Faucets to provide Hot and Cold water at the kitchen sink.

Equus is also planning to add some top international quality sinks in sync with its other quality products – Water Purifiers, Faucets, FWD and so on. Keeping in mind the latest trends in Kitchen designing, all products have been selected for Under-the-Counter (UTC) installation as well as Over-the-Counter (OTC) installations.

The above bouquet of products has created a niche for EQUUS that of a Sink Area Specialist. So, Remember Equus whenever you want to equip your kitchen sink space with international best products in quality, elegance and convenience.

Our Vision

News products and technologies are being continuously developed in the world. However, there is substantial time gap between the time product is introduced abroad and the time it reaches Indian consumers. EQUUS Enterprises LLP has been set up just to fulfil this desire of enlightened Indian Consumers. Towards this goal, Equus will continuously strive to scout new products of Indian consumer interest and introduce in India with minimum time lag. Apart from catering world class products, Equus will also strive to give matching customer care and service.

Our Mission

To emerge as a major marketing organization in India catering advanced technology quality products mainly procured from other countries which would help India People enjoying better quality of life and lifestyle with world class customer care and services.


To realise the above vision and mission, three visionary, successful, resourceful and experienced businessmen having substantial exposure to business abroad, have created Equus Enterprises LLP.

Company Journey

  • Equus Enterprises LLP.

    Ahmedabad was incorporated under Companies Act of India.


    To be Ahead of Times. In the era of globalisation, cater the world’s best and latest products and technologies to upgrade Quality of Life of Indian consumers.

  • Fresh launching, in India, of Insinkerator - the world’s largest selling Food Waste Disposer brand manufactured by Emerson, USA. Much ahead of Government of India’s announcement of Swachh Bhara Mission.

  • Set a new trend in India, by introduce 8-stage Alkaline, Antioxidant, and Ionised water purifiers, Sourced from PurePro Water Corporation, USA.

  • Introduced Purinizer- a unique combination of water Ionizer and purifier, Yet, another first in India. Purinizer - our premium product provides the ultimate quality of drinking water essential for your health.

  • For you to have the best global drinking water, introduced a range of Purinizer-4 models, Ionizers-6 models and only Alkaline Antioxidant water Purifiers-8 models. All sourced from 4 global best companies to give the widest choice in terms of elegance, quality, and prices.

  • Looking forward to continue serving the best and latest products to upgrade your quality of life to the world best standards.


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Specialist in providing exclusive kitchen sink space products

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Specialist in providing exclusive kitchen sink space products


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Octomber 2018

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