Product Overview

  • Drink mineral-rich alkaline water purified with 7 filters sterilized with UV rays.
  • The drinking water dispenser comes with a detachable and washable faucet that improves usability and the ability to clean.
  • Best suited for placement on counter or mounting on wall.
  • Double Purification by RO + UF + UV with TDS Control.
  • Fully automatic operation with auto – on and auto – off function.
  • Detachable tank for easy on – site cleaning.
  • Food grade, non – breakable, transparent ABS plastic construction.
  • Get safe drinking water at room temperature all day around.
  • Ultra-safe water supplied by a stylish and modern water filter built to embellish your kitchen and raise its aesthetic appeal.

Water Quality

pH Range

7.0pH - 8.5pH

Filtration Levels

7 Stage

Production Capacity
(Liters Day/Gallons Day)

378 / 100

Special Features

1/4 Turn Twist & Quick-Change Cartridge

Pre-filter, Sediment, Carbon, TFC Membrane, Alkaline, UV Sterilizer, UF Filter

Dispensing Faucet


Filter Life

6 Months (Depending on source of water quality)

Mechanical/ Electrical Specifications

System Dimensions (cm)

45 (L) x 38 (W) x 25 (H)

Weight (Kgs)

System - 8.5 Kgs

Storage Tank Capacity

09 Liters

Input Voltage


Operation pressure PSI

03 - 50


1 Year

Download Section

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