Product Overview

  • Instant hot water function that is filtered and ready to be used for consumption.
  • Can heat up to 100 cups of water volume in one hour making your work in the kitchen faster and better.
  • The adjustable temperature dial ensures water as per your requirements.
  • Modern looks, compact size, and conveniently operable faucet is a must-have accessory for new-age kitchens.
  • Install it alongside the main water tap system to dispense instant hot and room temperature water on demand.
  • Comes with an unobtrusive water tank and filtration system that can be installed under the sink.


Storage tank Capacity - Liters

2.5 SS

Dispensing Faucet type

- Elegant swivel spout for convenience

- Gentle touch one-lever dispenser

Water temperature

88 ̊ c - 99 ̊ c

Unique feature

Dispenses only hot filtered water


Hole diameter- mm

35 - 38

Power -AC volts

220 - 240 V

Input pressure


172 – 862


1.7 – 8.6


25 – 125

Download Section

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